2024 SMART Camp: Enrollment begins March 1, 2024

SMART Camp cultivates a child's inner artist by encouraging imagination, creativity, and exploration through various art programs. Art not only awakes the inner artist, but allows a child to practice self-expression through movement, music, painting, and more. 
At SMART Camp, we believe in creating a safe and fun environment, while fostering social and emotional well-being for all campers.  On the last Friday of each two-week session, your artist will have the chance to showcase their creations in a confidence-boosting, Art Show.   A snack break and “movement break” are given throughout the day, which includes some time to catch fresh air. We recommend sending your child in play clothes, as things can get messily fun, but a smock will be provided. Lots of learning, fun and social-emotional skill building happens during SMART Camp.*The Theater Production & Performance Workshop takes up the last two slots of the day, so your camper will only choose two programs, including this workshop.

How Does SMART Camp work? Choose up to (3) different classes each day! Campers can choose to attend up to 3 different classes (within their grade group) each day during their 2-week session. Each SMART Camp session runs in (2) week increments and culminates in an art show! Professional instructors staff this program, and high-school aged interns assist campers move throughout their day. Snack breaks and “movement breaks” are given throughout the day, including some time to catch some fresh air. We recommend sending your child in play clothes, as things can get messily fun, but a smock will be provided. Lots of learning, fun and social-emotional skill building happens during SMART Camp.*The Musical Theater Production & Performance Workshop takes up the last two slots of the day, so your camper will only choose two programs, including the workshop. Please review the Refund/Cancellation policy for SMART Camp: We know that there are times cancellations need to happen.Cancellations must be made 2-weeks ahead of the camp start date. Refunds and or cancellations without at least 2-weeks' notice will not be accepted. Neither refunds, nor credits, can be given for situations out of our control. A $50 fee is assessed for all refunds/cancellations regardless of reason.

Wacky Collage Art (K-3): A variety of materials like yarn, paint, fabric, and more will be used to create projects. We will practice drawing real-life and from imagination. Make mosaics, carve, stamp images and much more!

Whimsical Watercolors & Acrylics (K-6): This class is for campers who would like to explore different art supplies. A variety of subjects and mediums will be explored including watercolor and acrylic. Campers will learn to start a painting, how to mix colors, and use techniques such as washes, and underpainting and color theory. Campers will have a project that use each art material in each step.

Adventures in Mixed Media: (K-6): Use a variety of materials including watercolor, oil pastels, papers and found objects. We will experiment with recycled sculptures, printmaking, mosaics, collages and more! Learn the techniques of the many mixed media artists and create your own works of art!

Weaving Workshop (K-3): A sequential series of weaving activities that begins with a lesson from a spider and moves from drawing and paper weaving, to yarn weaving on a loom, basket weaving, and Weaving in the Round.

Crafting Chef’s (K-6): Campers will get crafting in the kitchen as they convert the classroom into a kitchen! Students will learn to make tasty snacks and treats using fresh ingredients. Safety in the kitchen and the use of everyday kitchen materials will be emphasized!

Liven it up LEGO (K-6): Get ready for your mission! In this LEGO Education class, you will gain 21st century skills while designing, and engineering to make your LEGO pieces come to life. Each day you will participate in a briefing for your daily challenge and be given the chance to explore something new! You will work in small groups to build your own Ferris wheel, “drive your own taxi,” set an alarm to catch a monster, and even, trap him! You will build, code and more! Daily challenges will not only build literacy, math and social-emotional skills, but enhance creativity and team-building skills

Clay Workshop (K-6) (Only available slots 2/3): Join us for this clay workshop where campers learn the basics of ceramic hand-building. Campers will experiment with clays discovering ways to build functional pottery, as well as creative sculpture - monsters, nature-inspired works, zoo creatures, and anything they dream up and whip up using their creative hands.

Dance: (K-6) (Session II Only): The basics of Movement and Dance will be the focus of this upbeat and creative dance class! Campers will learn the techniques, terminology, and basics of Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop. The creative movement part of the program will consist of different rhythms, genres, and moods of music to inspire the dancer to move as they interpret and feel. Campers will learn a choreographed number to perform on the last day.

Theater Production & Performance Workshop (3-6) (Takes up Slots 2/3 10 am - 1 pm): Campers enrolled in this course for two periods (slots 2/3) will be provided with an extensive. In this workshop students will participate in improvisation, creative movement and theater games, as well as practice acting, singing and dancing. In addition, campers will explore concepts such as character development, stage presence, production design, be asked to audition for their roles and more in preparation for their performance at the end of the two-week session. This is an extensive program which brings together real-life components of the musical theater world to camp for students interested in furthering their theatrical understanding.

Adventures in Oil & Chalk Pastels (K-6): Enter the enchanting world of pastels. Campers will experience the magic of pastels, allowing their imaginations to come alive on paper while expressing themselves through vibrant colors. Campers will join in on an artistic journey filled with exploration and self-expression, where their passion for art will flourish. 

Sculptin' with Paper Mache (K-6): What aliens, monsters, or creatures will you build? In this out of the world experience, Campers will form a concept, design, and build armature for paper mâché. Then work in paper mâché to build up layers to finalize a project that they’ve created.

STEM’N Summer Challenge (K-6): Push your STEM abilities to the limit! Will you build the tallest tower, a catapult that launches the farthest, or will your rocket lift off first? Will you build a turbine that generates the most electricity or a boat that supports the most weight? Join us to find out as you will be met with a challenge each day!

Musical Musicians (K-6): Explore written symbols in music, improvisation, story-telling and movement activities through music. Art experiences, including drawing, painting and collaging to create instruments will be incorporated. The combination of art and music will encourage the development of fine motor skills, observation and listening skills, as well as self-expression and sequencing skills.

Picturebook Publishing (4-6) (Takes up Slots 1/2 8:30-11:30): In this exciting summer camp class, campers embark on a journey of creativity and innovation as they delve into the world of e-book creation. The class is designed to empower young minds to become digital storytellers. Throughout the program, campers will learn the art of publishing and hone their unique writing styles. From crafting engaging narratives to integrating multimedia elements, students will explore the vast possibilities of digital storytelling. *Only available Session I

2024 Class Schedule: Camp Hours: (8:30am-1:00PM)

8:30 AM 10 AM (Whimsical Watercolors/Acrylics (K-3) (Musical Musicians (K-3) (Adv in Mixed Med (3-6) (LEGO (K-3) (Crafting Chef's (3-6) (Oil & Chalk Pastels (3-6) (STEM'N Summer Challenge (4-6) (Sculptin' Paper Mache (K-3) (Picturebook Publishing (4-6) (**Picturebook Publishing (4-6) Takes up Slots 1/2 8:30-11:30 & only available Session I) (*Dance (3-6)

10-11:30 AM (Collaging (K-3) (Clay (K-3) (Theater (3-6) (Weaving (K-3) (LEGO (3-6) (Crafting Chef's (K-3) (Oil & Chalk Pastels (K-3) (STEM'N Summer Challenge (3-6) (Sculptin' Paper Mache (3-6) (**Picturebook Publishing (4-6) (*Dance (K-3)

11:30 - 1PM (Whimsical Watercolors/Acrylics (3-6) (Clay (4-6) (Theater (3-6) (Adv in Mixed Med (K-3) (LEGO (K-3) (Crafting Chef's (K-3) (Oil & Chalk Pastels (K-3) (STEM'N Summer Challenge (K-3) (Sculptin' Paper Mache (3-6) (Picturebook Publishing (K-3)  (*Dance (K-3) 

*Dance is only being held during Session II (July 22-Aug 2)